Clean Agent Systems

Sioux Falls Fire Safety

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are used for Data Centers, High-Value Property, Record Storage, Industrial, and Electrical Equipment Rooms to help divert a major fire catastrophe. We use three main agents and select the one that best fits your needs.

Vesda-Air Monitoring Equipment and Fire Detection. When high-value assets and equipment or irreplaceable items are at stake, early warning of the smoke or fire problem is essential. The air sampling or air monitor equipment actively pulls in room air to a special chamber where it can detect the presence of particles that are created in the very early stages of combustion even before smoke is visible.

Intelligent Fire Suppression Systems come standard where every detection and control device can act as a peer with the added fire protection ability to communicate directly with the control panel and with each other. Justice Fire and Safety can select the correct panel and establish delays or special setups for each customer's needs.

At Justice Fire and Safety of Sioux Falls, we can plan your system or install a system selected by your architect. We service most system types and can troubleshoot problems and/or do your quarterly maintenance. 

Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) works extremely well as a fire suppression agent applicable to a wide range of fire hazards. Carbon Dioxide works quickly with no residual clean up associated with a system discharge. This translates to Minimal Business Interruption for the customer. Justice Fire and Safety can develop systems to put in your equipment to target the fire or heat the minute it becomes a problem. Applications for Co2 might include flammable liquid storage areas (i.e. quench tanks, mixing operations, spray booths, turbine driven generators, electrical areas, dust collectors, engine rooms, ovens, or machines which generate heat. Co2 is only for non-occupied spaces. 

FM200 or FE-227

FM200 or FE-227 is a clean agent fire extinguishant replacement for HALON 1301. It is used in total flooding applications for the protection of people and high value assets (i.e. computer rooms, telecommunication facilities, museums, and clean rooms). The EPA and National Fire  Protection Association (NFPA) classified FM200 or FE-227 as acceptable for flooding or normal occupied spaces at controlled concentrations and egress time. 


The Ecaro-25 system is a replacement for HALON 1301 developed by DuPont Chemical. Halon was found to be among the class of compounds linked to depleting of the earth’s ozone layer. Ecaro-25 offers the easiest, most cost effective options to retro-fit existing systems. It requires minimum system modifications, minimizes down time, reduces cost of conversions and protects what matters most. The Ecaro-25 system leaves no residue and is efficient using 20 percent less clean agent than other similar systems to protect the same coverage area. The Ecaro-25 system is intended to protect people, high value assets, and the continuity of business. It is safe for people at normal exposure levels created during use. 

Service Information

Trained personnel should perform annual inspections include checking weight to ensure fullness and a visual inspection for corrosion, missing parts or labeling and condition of those parts, and that the tamper seals are not broken. 

A continuity test of the hose assembly is required annually as well as ensuring proper location, positioning, and looking for new hazards which may need to be covered. 

A high pressure hydro-test is required not less than every 5 years and a visual inspection for cracks is done as needed.