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Sioux Falls Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

We provide many types of fire extinguishers for differing facilities that have passed all safety inspections.

Sioux Falls Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Our Fire Safety team carries full lines of fire alarms, and exit and emergency lighting. 

Sioux Falls Fire Emergency Lighting


Our Fire Safety team carries full lines of fire alarms, and exit and emergency lighting. 

Sioux Falls Kitchen Fire Safety

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems for industrial applications and vehicles are a necessity to protect your business.

Sioux Falls Fire and Safety

Industrial & Vehicle Fire Suppression

Our industrial and vehicle suppression systems protect most vehicles, industrial applications and paint spray booths.

Fire Safety Company Sioux Falls

Clean Agent Suppressions

Our Fire Safety team provides clean agent fire suppression for areas such as data centers, high-value property, record storage and more.

First Aid Sioux Falls

First Aid Supplies

Justice Fire & Safety is a full line First Aid Supplier. Our kits can be tailored to your specific industry needs.

AED Sioux Falls


Our Sioux Falls safety team provides AEDs to keep you and your employees safe. 

CPR Classes Sioux Falls


Justice Fire & Safety provides CPR classes! The skills you learn can make all the difference to someone in need.

Sioux Falls Safety Classes

Training Classes

Our safety classes include pediatric and adult CPR, AED, first aid and more.

Safety Classes Sioux Falls

Advanced Bleeding Control

Advanced Bleeding Control classes provide detailed information on controlling severe external bleeding by using direct pressure, pressure bandages, tourniquets and dressings. These classes are designed for people who have a higher chance of witnessing an injury where heavy bleeding occurs and medical care is not readily available.

Sioux Falls Fire and Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens

Controlling infections related to bloodborne pathogens are important when responding to an emergency situation. The purpose is to prevent exposure to reduce the chances of infection. Equipment, such as gloves, masks, gowns and eye protection, shield employees from blood and body fluid contamination.