Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Sioux Falls Fire Safety

This automatic restaurant fire suppression system protects the hood, duct, and appliances from a fire disaster. The combination of a kitchen fire suppression system and a Class K wet chemical extinguisher provides restaurants with the "one-two" attack against the threat of business loss due to cooking operation fires. 

Sioux Falls Fire Suppression

How It Works

  • First, when the fire starts, either the fusible link detection network will automatically detect the fire or the manual pull station can be used, releasing a low pH agent throughout the hood, duct, and onto the appliances.
  • Second, either method of actuation will interrupt gas and electrical power to the appliances preceding discharge.
  • Third, the fire suppression agent quickly extinguishes the fire and cools the fuel while securing the vapors with a smothering foam reaction.

Service Information

Trained personnel should perform annual inspections include checking weight to ensure fullness and a visual inspection for corrosion, missing parts or labeling and condition of those parts, and that the tamper seals are not broken.

A continuity test of the hose assembly is required annually as well as ensuring proper location, positioning, and looking for new hazards which may need to be covered. 

A high pressure hydro-test is required not less than every 5 years and a visual inspection for cracks is done as needed.